Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Days! Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Vege 1
Almost everyday of Chinese New year I ate the same food like above.
family 1
me & my family during 1st day of CNY
family 2
me & my 2 sneaky sisters :D

family 3
me & my botak
Flower 1
my valentine's flower from si botak.
flower 2
Beautiful Tulip & Roses.

Valentines' Flower in 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

Chinese Chicken Roulade with glutinous rice ham & mushroom

Food 7
Golden Pillow - Deep fried Chicken Roudale with glutinous rice ham & mushroom
Food 8
The moment i slice through the meat, I can hear the crisp sound!paper-thin skin! so excited! As I started to prepare this role from 9am until 1pm! so many hours of preparing, waiting and cooking. Anyway, I like this recipe, worth keeping it. The only thing i should do well is preparing the glutinous rice.. too long soaking hour, too much of water cooking. Original recipe calls for pork belly, i substituted with ham instead.
Food 1
Basic ingredients - Dried shrimps, mushroom, ham, leek, minced garlic & ginger.
Food 2
Stir Fry
Food 4-1
Mix in the dry mixture into the cooked glutinous rice and stir well.
FOod 3
Deboned chicken leg.
Food 5
Put some of the mixture, and wrap it with cling film. Make sure it is firm and tight.

Food 6
Put the roll to steam for 15-20 mins. Let it completely before open the cling film.

1 cup glutinous rice, soak for 1 hour before cook
250 g ham
2 T dried shrimp, soak and diced it
2 dried shitake mushroom, slice it
2 slice ginger, minced it
3 cloves garlic, minced it
1 spring onion or 1 stick leek, sliced it
1/4 T rock sugar
1/4 t salt
1/4 cup light soy sauce
1 cup water
1 T rice wine
1. Cook the glutinous rice in a steamer. The water and rice percentage should be 0.9 : 1 , if rice is 100g, water should be 90g. Cook for 30 - 40 minutes.
2. Heat the wok with 2 T of oil, stir fry the garlic, ginger & onion. Add the rock sugar until it melts.
3. Add ham , dried shrimp & mushroom to stir fry.
4. Add in all the seasonings and let it simmer until dried up.
5. Off Fire. Mix everything together with cooked sticky rice and pour 1/4 t of sesame oil.
6. Marinate the chicken legs with salt & pepper.
7. Wrap some of the rice within the legs and wrap up with cling film. Steam for 20 mins
8. After the chicken legs cooked, let it completely cool before remove the cling firm and coat them with corn flour and deep fry until outside is golden colour.
9. Slice it and serve hot. serve with sweet chilli or ketchup.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Soup - Chinese Chives Egg & Prawn ball soup

prawm 5
Holiday! We all love holidays ! I love famous cuisine publisher, they always got quality recipe published on mags ! Here's one from " Vegetable soup page 102-103" .

I love chinese chives, good for digestion and good for stomach. Does any one why houseflies always got attracted to chinese chives ?
prawn 1
Clean the prawn
prawn 2
Mince the prawn using back of cleaver , season with salt & pepper. Fridge it.
prawn 3
Clean the chives thoroughly, there are some hidden soil in between.
prawn 4
The other thing i like about chinese chives is, it is so cheap! one big bunch only RM 1 ~!
prawn 5

Ingredients - for 3 persons
300g prawns
1/4 bunch of chives
2 eggs
salt & pepper

a. clean the prawns,pat dry, mince it, season with salt & pepper.
b. Whisk the egg and combine with diced chinese chives
c. Heat up the wok, put 2 T of cooking oil, fry the omelette , pour in 2-3 bowl of water.
d. Drop in the prawn balls now , and let simmer for a while.
e. Season with salt or chinese stock. Server hot

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012 ~!

Cake 3
Merry Christmas people ! I started to collect BUY! ten cent coins from my colleague since last month in order to "construct" my metal tree. my metal tree for my si botak. So this is a RM 50 metal tree.

cake 2
I am pretty sure this is a solid & strong metal tree. Every single coin is glued with "UHU-GUM"!
Cake 4

Cake 1
"HA!" Just to show you this was my birthday cake on 5th December! hehe, " Chicky-Egg" birthday! I bought a lot of cooking books these months, and shame to say I dint practice any of them! What am I doing with those books then ? HA! as my bedtime readings loh... :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Steamed Pork with Salted Egg & Tofu

meat 1

This is another quick, easy meal to prepare, especially during lunch time.

70g minced pork
1 salted egg
1 pack soft white tofu ( I buy those from supermarket)
1 bunch green shallot
1 cup chicken soup ( if you dont have, nvm, use chicken cube)

1. Mix the chopped green shallot with pork, seasoned them with little bit of salt & pepper.
2. Put all tofu on the plate, meat in the middle, slightly make the edge higher, so the egg can stay still in middle
3. Drop the salted egg in , and follow by 1 cup chicken soup on tofu.
4. Steam for 10-15 mins.
(Tips, I think is better we pinch the egg-yolk slightly flat, so that it is fully cooked)

meat 3

meat 2

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Peach Yogurt Jelly Mooncake

jelly main
caption: It's a dragon mold. I bought it from Consfood.

I m happy I experienced the 'process' of making a jelly mooncake. To whom who buy any jelly mooncake outisde, please finish it until the last bite! LOL! so hassel! so much patience have to put in! grr! Second thing is, have to ensure the consistency of both layers' texture! haha, u get what I mean? mine here, lol outside is soft but inside is quite hard! LOL! errr, I want both soft or both hard, HA HA! need more practice! nvm.. next year when I find other interesting recipes, then I will try :) I got this from a magazine " Oriental Cuisine, 107th Aug 2011, page 74-75. The original creation was "Strawberry Yoghurt Jelly Mooncake"
I dont think is nice to copy & paste their recipe here :) ( ya say me lazy! LOL)

jelly 1
Blend the fruits into puree until fine..

jelly main second
The 1st layer - the Filling. mixture of water, milk, yoghurt,agar agar powder, corn flour & peach.

jelly 2
Assemble process. Pour little bit of mixture into the mold until almost set ( but not fully set!!) otherwise later when u unmould, ur mooncake will split into 2! Lol. THen place the yoghurt filling into the center, follow by the remaining mixture, allow to set & unmould.

jelly 3

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bacon wrapped Okra

meat 1

Here you go, I was attracted by Terri's Okra & Belly Pork Rolls . Immediately I thought of, why not try bacon wrapped Okra. The reason is, SIGH! I hardly goto market to buy fresh belly pork, i dont even have mirin at home.. the fastest way is use frozen bacon, to wrap my fresh okra! :D
It tastes really good, not dried at all. One Bite on the roll, chewy on the bacon but crunch & fresh inside. (argh, whatever description).

rice 1
I cook some garlic fried rice as well. Pretty easy, Lightly browned the garlic, dish up, use the same wok/pan, immediately put in the rice and throw in an egg and quickly stir n mix. Sprinkle some salt & Pepper. Finish up with fried garlic & cut shallot. Ready to serve.

meat 2
1 pack of okra
1 pack of frozen bacon

a) Blanch the okra until just cook. dont cut any ends. Leave it cool
b) Roll each okra generously with bacon! :)!!!! I use 2 bacons for each roll.
c) Use a pan, no need put cooking oil, just line up all the okra wrapped with bacons and cook. Constantly turn around to prevent burnt on each side. Dish up, slice half and ready to serve.

Monday, August 29, 2011


maet 1
I have not been using my camera for almost, almost... 3 months. Dad's birthday on middle of August. I make sure the battery is charged one day b4 cake cutting ! When everyone is almost ready in front of the cake , my godness! my camera cannot on!! so panic! and so worried! grr! I have no choice but using phone camera to snap quickly .. ish.. Few days later i get my dad to check.. dad said it's just false alarm! U didnt charge ur battery properly! duh... so Karen says it's a sign, I better start blogging... lol :D

Here's Karen recipe.. quite good! very simple and less fuss.
250g minced chicken
250g minced pork ( alternatively you may use 500g pork straight)
5 gloves of garlic, minced
1 egg
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
salt & pepper

Pasta sauce (my version, you can cook any type u like :)
3 gloves garlic, minced
half onion, minced
2 fresh tomatoes, cubes
salt & sugar
oregano spices
1 jar pasta sauce you can get from supermarket
1 tin tomato paste

notes: for 500 grams of meat, I can make 15 balls, about 4cm dia each after fried! Tips: make sure you roll ur meatballs about 5cm dia big before it is fried. it will shrink after fried.

1. One night before you cook, mix in all the meat, garlic,egg,breadcrumbs and salt pepper. Mix and cover well. fridge overnite. so that it is much easier to roll the next day.
2. Next day, roll up all the balls, pat with light corn flour and fried in hot oil. Dish up.
3. Cook the pasta sauce..and throw in the balls to simmer for 10 mins. Ready to eat

meat 2
Golden meatballs!

meat 3
Meatballs after simmer in sauce..
meat 4
I mix half chicken half pork. The texture is still firm + bit moist. If you want your balls moist & tasty, recommend you to use minced pork with fats ! :D

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chocolate Enigma

chocolate bar
I spent quite a lot on the chocolate ingredients itself ! At least i m still happy with the ganache part, but not the cake ! I m just not satisfy with the ' colour' of the cake, any tips how to make ' darker' colour chocolate cake? plus next time I will use all the yolks, instead of 3 yolks 5 whites . Plus I would omit the choc chip, it is quite not necessary too.

Sis brought to office n share, they like it (probably hungry I suppose) , came home, ask me " Ah Tng my fren ask if you bake 1/2 kg for sale " .. err .. no la .. my cake is not up to standard yet la .. plus I m not selling cake one! next time I bake more & eat! :))

Ingredients ( Choc Chiffon with Ganache)
Valrhona Chocolate 100g
corn oil 10ml

3 yolks
sugar 20g

water 40ml ( I replaced with cream)

Cake flour 60g
Valrhona Cocoa powder 10g
baking power 1/2 tsp

5 Whites
40g sugar ( I reduced to 20g)

Choco chips 2 + 1/2 tbsp

chocolate ganache:
100g whipping cream
100g Valrhona Choco

1. Sieve cake flour with cocoa powder & baking powder, put aside
2. preheat oven to 170C
3. Double boil to melt (A), stir still smooth
4. In another bowl, whisk (b) till pale in colour
5. Add in melted choco (A) mixture, add (c) stir still combine
6. Add in (D) , fold till mixture well-mixed, follow by adding in the choc- chips(F)
7. In another bowl, whisk whites (E) till frothy, add sugar. Whisk till peak
8. Fold the chocolate mixture into the whites, gently.
9. Pour batter into 7" cake pan
10. Baking time around 40mins
12: insert skewer to check if cake is done
13: overturn cake tin to cool cake, then unmould cake after cool.
15. Prepare choc ganache, double boil whip cream till boiling. Add in choc cubes, stir till choc melts.
16. Pour ganache ontop of the cool chiffon, ready to serve.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Minced meat with mushroom

wah ... I did not updating my blog for quite some time already lah... Also, my sis must have missed my guinea pig food for long already! kekekekke

I cooked minced chicken with mushroom n egg.
so easy to cook, just need little bit of time to braise.
300g chicken, minced
3 big dried mushroom, cubed
3 eggs, boiled
1 whole bulb of garlic
2 shallot, minced
800ml water
3 T of cooking oil

2 T of oyster
2 T of light soya
1 T of dark soya
2 t of oil or sesame oil

1. minced the chicken, and marinate with the above for at least 1 hour.
2. Heat up the wok with oil, stir fry the shallot & garlic until fragrant. Cook the chicken minced, and break it into pieces.
3. pour half of the water n let it simmer a bit.
4. Now, transfer them into a deep small pot, with the remaining of the water, and drop the eggs inside.
5. Let it braise under medium fire for a bout 1 hour to 45, until the sauce reduce to thick consistency. ( you can add some corn flour water to thicken the sauce,after 1 to 45 minutes if you want)
serve with plain rice.
It tastes like pork knuckle sauce if we cook it longer.. may be next time i will add 1-2 slices of ginger into the sauce when cooking.

You might also like this Shallot Pork Sauce

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jake's charbroil steak, Starhill

group meal
So we went to venture at one of their outlets at Starhill bukit bintang, it didnt turn out that good as compared to the branch at Medan Damansara . The Wagyu was (bad) really, the lamb is still yummy, the charbroil chicken was slightly bland .. and guess what! the salad was the best among the meat! ;) the scallop was good when eaten hot !

big Thank you to all my frens ♥♫, most important , the one who foot the bill :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Chap Goh Mei

flower with pug card, a handmade card from si botak! I appreciate it very much ;)

Happy Chap Goh Mei ! Happy Chinese Valentine's Day ;) We went out for dinner on 14 Feb together... we listen to love songs while enjoying fireworks from the sky together... (actually we were stucked in front of traffic light, and penampang sky is full of blasting fireworks) . This year people are quite affordable in spending fireworks ,( like now my neighbour is playing heart-beating fireworks again! so annoying!) while festive celebration wasn't that good as compare to previous years. strange!
Si Botak's beloved froggie!!!
Dancing froggie with hairy legs! lol !
I tried this beaten egg (all mix) cuppies, taste wise was great, but I overlooked on the timing! was slightly over-baked, hence the texture quite dry! ha ha ha, need to try-again

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 :)

Helo World! Happy Chinese New Year 2011 !
I hardly cook , taking photos nowadays. Here's some updates from me...
I cooked this during CNY. Instead of wrapping with pork, my mum !! when she about to take out the mince port from bag, she found out the meat has gone bad, got bad smell! grr, instead of mince pork with mince prawn, I just simply rolled with minced prawn.
my dad ate quite a few, I m not sure whether he really likes it, orr... he is just 'sayang' his oyster! ha ha ha
Recipe: please goto Terri's Dried Oyster Fatt Choi
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