Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter everyone

This Easter-Bread-Basket is made with Bread-recipe.

It's rainy outside, just after I shoot these photos, and I got 6-mosquito bite on my legs! I hate that ! so irritating now !

I missed my Cadbury Easter Chocolate Eggs ! Why I can't get any in the Supermarket ? Argh, probably here in KK we don't celebrate much, not like western countries.

Anyways, I made this basket to impress my family (though is not well-shaped), but at least it's in a "basket' shape to hold my eggs . I made these to 'alert' my family that Today 23 March 08, is Easter Day ! Where eggs n Bunnies n Basket are together in a picture! ( I don't know, that's all I can think of) , at least for a non-Christian like me...

Very easy to make. Just get a mould and fold like that and bake according to ur bread recipe.


ekeng said...

Happy Easter to you Denise..You should do some painting with the eggs..hehe...What a lovely bread basket...I wanna give a bite ;p

JACQ said...

Cool bread basket! I'll surely use this idea next Easter!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yes, cool and beautiful! u r truly creative, n the pics r looking good :)

Shari G said...

Very creative! It must have taken you hours to make!!

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

ekeng: haha! If i paint those eggs, my mum will YELL at me from far

jacq: hey I always read ur blog one, u're very prettie !!

terri: TQ, the 1 on grass, I took the idea from u.

Sharri: hey, nice to meet u, argh, I took 30 minutes to make 1 ~ haha

Ann said...

nice and creative basket dear...:-)

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