Sunday, August 19, 2007

EGG in a Basket

Hahaha, First of all, thanks to Terri the Mom for her great idea! hahahaha. And I love this recipe a lot, very yummy & fast!!

1. Spread butter to both side of the bread.( Trust me, this will make the bread crispy Cripz)
2. Cut a hole on a bread
3. Place a slice of bacon / thin sausage on a pan ( * Optional)
4. Place the bread on the bacon
5. Pour some oil in the hole
6. Place an Egg on the hole
7. Flip the Bread When u see the EggWhite about to cook
8. Sprinkle some Salt & pepper
9. Ready to Serve.


Creamster said...

wow ... you tried this recipe. I want to try to make this too! Looks really nice!

Denise said...

ya, Pls try it, hahahahah, very nice de~

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

Hi! U've made a better 'chicken in the basket' than me! :) makes me happy when ppl try out my recipes, n come up with new creative ideas. Kepp it up!

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