Saturday, September 10, 2011

Peach Yogurt Jelly Mooncake

jelly main
caption: It's a dragon mold. I bought it from Consfood.

I m happy I experienced the 'process' of making a jelly mooncake. To whom who buy any jelly mooncake outisde, please finish it until the last bite! LOL! so hassel! so much patience have to put in! grr! Second thing is, have to ensure the consistency of both layers' texture! haha, u get what I mean? mine here, lol outside is soft but inside is quite hard! LOL! errr, I want both soft or both hard, HA HA! need more practice! nvm.. next year when I find other interesting recipes, then I will try :) I got this from a magazine " Oriental Cuisine, 107th Aug 2011, page 74-75. The original creation was "Strawberry Yoghurt Jelly Mooncake"
I dont think is nice to copy & paste their recipe here :) ( ya say me lazy! LOL)

jelly 1
Blend the fruits into puree until fine..

jelly main second
The 1st layer - the Filling. mixture of water, milk, yoghurt,agar agar powder, corn flour & peach.

jelly 2
Assemble process. Pour little bit of mixture into the mold until almost set ( but not fully set!!) otherwise later when u unmould, ur mooncake will split into 2! Lol. THen place the yoghurt filling into the center, follow by the remaining mixture, allow to set & unmould.

jelly 3

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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