Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home version Beaufort Fried Mee

Whenever dad says go eat Beaufort Fried Mee .. I will start mesmerizing on the heavy 'wok breath' from that plate of mee!! sooo yum !! and of cuz most kopitiam will use ' pork ' oil to cook it it until so tasty! sinful sinful !

1. Heat up the wok until really hot, until u can see the smoke coming out.

2. Throw in the mee and dont keep frying first, let the mee spread all over the wok surface, sit for 1 min then turn again , until u can see the 'burnt' on the mee. Repeat the same until u get the 'burnt' result u wanted. Dish up.

3. Dont wash the wok, as the wok still very hot, put some oil, throw in garlic, stir fry the meat until half cook, then throw in the vege. quickly fry . then make gravy and serve on the mee.

This is the second time I fried this mee at home. I realise using chicken meat to cook also very good!.


ganache-ganache said...

Wow, not bad leh Ah Tng, looks like the one they serve in kopitiam, can smell your 'wok hei' :p

terri@adailyobsession said...

wah, looks like beaufort's! when can i come for dinner?

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, what kind of mee can be used to fry?

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