Monday, November 22, 2010

Okra with Tomato Sauce

meat 6
My mum used to cook Okra (Ladies' fingers) by just blanch the vege, and top with dried shrimp. I felt so bored with it and so tasteless! I found the above recipe, Okra with tomato sauce taste is very appetizing and, something different too!

see my previous version of Okra with fried garlic borvil. That was the time when I m so crazy with Borvil, until even cooked Borvil pasta
Thanks to 's recipe. I adjusted a bit by adding some Plum sauce & oyster sauce in order to get rid of the ' tomato' green smell!

200g chicken breast ( about half of the medium chicken breast)
Okra, 6-8 sticks
2 large tomatoes, diced.
1/2 medium onion, chopped finely

4 T tomato ketchup
1 T light soya sauce
1 T Oyster sauce
1 T plum sauce ( optional)
1 t sugar

2 T light soya sauce
1 T corn flour
1 t sugar

1. minced the chicken, marinate with light soya sauce, corn flour and sugar. Mix well. Cover well and Fridge it for at least half an hour.

2. For tomatoes, remove the stems, use the tip of knife to cut a very shallow " X" on the bottom. Drop the tomatoes into the boiling water for 1 minute and removing them quickly. Let it cool for a while, peel off the skin and chop finely. ( You can ignore this step by just chop the tomato finely with the skin)

3. Wash and rinse the okra. Boil some water in a pot/pan/ wok, seasons with some salt, and blanch the okra for 2 mins. Dish up.

4. Heat up the wok with oil, Add in minced chicken. Do not stir fry immediately. Let it cook with medium heat for a while until slightly browned. Turn it over and continue cook until browned. Reduce the heat to low, and start breaking up the minced chicken into small pieces.

5. Now add in onion at this stage, and fry . Add in tomatoes and mix well.
6. Add in enough seasonings and let it simmer a while. ( Adjust the taste to your likings. If it is too sour, add in sugar, if it is too sweet, add in more ketchup. If it is too dry, add little bit of water)
7. Pout it over the cooked okra and serve immediately.

meat 1

meat 2
"X" at the bottom
meat 3
Remove the skin
meat 4
Let the meat cook until slightly brown on one side, then flip to the other side.
meat 5
Breaking up the meat into small pieces...


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