Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soft Blueberry Swirl Mini Cheesecake

base 3
(before bake)

I made these in order to finish-off my left over blueberry jam. (still I can't finish the jam, even after baked these! Grrrr).
This is a "Soft" type cheesecake, after I ate, I checked back the recipe, hey, no flour added! no wonder it's creamy soft. I prefer dense cheesecake. Haha, U will realise even meat, chicken meat, I like breast meat, because it is "rough" , not silky smooth like drumstick meat, which I totally object & dislike to it !

Recipe Please check this out : "6 Bittersweets"
base 1
Digestive biscuit ...
base 2
This method works well !
base 4
They were slightly puffed during baked.. they will return to normal when it's cool.
I have no idea why out of so many cupcakes, my darl ate the UNcooked one!!! and he said yucky after he finished the whole cup! ha ha ha

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definitely not the on the pic... :(

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