Monday, November 23, 2009

Stephanie & Jacky

To recap a bit from celebrations on 23 May 2009 , here's the grand celebration at Banker's Club, KL. A very relax and yet elegant wedding to have! Congratulations to J&S! They are one of my very 'yao yee hey' 's couple! A couple that really take care family & friends that around them.

ha~ this cake is yuM !
The purple theme - Banquet hall

I , actually loveee the setup of the table, very very beautiful
Kei Kei with her cute purple dress smiling at the camera~

oooo... can tell she is hungry already! nice face-cupcake given by the couple to all lovely kids & babies !

After the battle in the hotel
we ...

me & steph~

me & ang Pei ( ang pei's wedding )

me & Vanessa ( Vanessa's wedding)

me & Creamy (Cream's wedding ....coming soon)

me & Karen & Ron ( their wedding...coming soon )

Sweet Ending

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