Saturday, May 23, 2009

Garden Wedding

Ha ! This humble little card explains all. "Garden Wedding" held at STAR. I made this card out of creamy's request! ;p This is an easy card. Buy ribbon, plastic diamond, beads, and ready-made roses, and glue everything on it.

Today is a memorable double celebrations for Jacky & Steph. Registration day + steph's birthday! I started to get worried when KK was raining since Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday! and Luckily not today! Today 's weather was excellent! so hot until I'm telling creamy, next time my wedding will be in "bikini" theme!

The only thing is, I feel so 'sakit hati' when I see how the waitress slice and cut the cake !They cut this lovely cake like chopping frozen meat! like I can cut it anyway I like. I really feel like going up and cut it myself ! I received lots of positive comments on the cake, they liked it, except, one telling me the cake is sweet! I think she meant the 'mango' is sweet! hahahaha, I considered tat was a good ones! I told baker to make the fruit as sweet as possible (by wrapping lots of newspaper to make the fruits really ripe)!

Ha I love the background of these photos, very green! and jackie shirt is very prettie! I'm looking forward to their wedding reception at Banker's Club Penthouse, KL in Nov !! Right Karen????


Cindy Khor said...

the cake and the bride looks absolutely goegeous.... i am longing for the ripe juicy mangoes now

hongyi said...

oh my goodness gracious me! u made the card and the cake?!?! they r beautiful! so well done, denise!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Cindy: Pls come back for holiday!!! then u can try the mango

Hongyi : WRONG WRONG WRONG !!!! the cake from Lorrine! lolz!! card from me........ when u & danny get married, I make u one! *wink*

Agnes said...

Awww Nice wedding banquet :D

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