Sunday, November 29, 2009

me & my Stone Pau

me & my sis were so ready for Ikea's 99 cent breakfast, take a cab early morning and ready for food. What I all expected was food like " scrambled eggs & sausages" at least? I don't ask for meatballs at 99Cent of course.... and so much to my disappointment, they served fried mee & Lotus Pao ( only these 2 items are at 99cent) - Malaysian's Ikea!!! ok fine... i m so hungry anyway , just eat what they served.

Get my sis to buy some lotus pao.. sis was sort of lured by Ikea's microwave service, which given a 'set' temperature at 30secs I guess.. and ... CAN IKEA PPL PLEASE PUT A SIGNAGE NEAR UR NICE MICROWAVE THAT NO PAO ARE ALLOWED TO PUT INSIDE? ;p BECAUSE! after you 'ding' ur pau inside, seriously It can break any of the glass outside the building! I call this pau ' deng-sei-gau' ( a bun that can throw a dog until death! )

so wasted..

p/s: of cuz I knew pao cannot put in microwave to Ding! But what about those ppl that did not know about this?


ganache-ganache said...

Haha, they should put a steamer there lah !!

Anonymous said...

i 'ding' it all the time, but make sure u put few drops of water around the bao...

kesian u, that morning we went to eat nice kon lau mien. Should have joined us :-)

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