Sunday, January 11, 2009

Banquet at Jaya Palace, PJ

This is my 2nd best fren's wedding, Congratulations to Christine & Tun Poey! (ARgh! I have 3 mores to attend!) haha
Christine is a cool & beautiful lady not easy to 'mess' with! hahaha! argh, U know what I mean if you know her ;)
Tun Poey ,he is a gentleman full of humour!

Let see what I have eaten at Jaya Palace, PJ. All the food are soo.... yummylicious!! I can't had this from KK at all! why ah? so sad...sigh

This is the cutest Kei Kei!! she is very very very super cute

Kei Kei with parents ! ( ha! She's my 1st-married best fren!) see Kei kei! gimme an impression of "Don't mess with me, else you're regret!" haha ( Vanessa's Big Day)

Jacky Dai Lou + Stephanie! ha! I'll be attending their reception very very soon...


altadenahiker said...

Oh, that food!

Ashley said...

Hi There,
We are thinking of getting jaya palace as the venue for our wedding as well..
any comment on the ambience and decor (luncheon)? mind to share some photoes on the decor?

Thanks ya

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Hi Ashley,
I only attended JP for once only, and unfortunately, i dont have anymore photos on decor. I think the environment is very comfortable+elegant, not many pillars that blocking ur audience view . Food wise, excellent!

Anonymous said...

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