Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mandarin Orange Cream Cake

"Drying" mandarin oranges from Tin. * I m not sure if this is the way to drain off access water by placing on the kitchen paper*

I am quite busy for the past 2 weeks, really busy. I better post something up here before it goes history or before I go for next errand. I was understressed with both baking the cake + office works when I did it on last sunday, so tensed! so busy! The sponge cake failed in the 1st time early morning at 9am!!! and i need to quickly re-baked it, finally it's okay. I baked a simple sponge cake, sandwiched with single layer of cream only (Dairy whipping cream + sugar + vanilla esc), top with lemon cream and decorated with some mandarin oranges which I bought from TH months ago!

I tot of making some "tangy" cream to balance off the cream cake. Immediately I tot of this Lemon Cream. This time I managed to make it more 'firm', no more gooey like last time even after fridge. The trick is, to cook slightly longer in the pan !

*Cake for mum's birthday*

Mum commented the oranges are quite sour + the cream is even sour! ha ha ha, i use less sugar for cream.. and my sis & the little monkey boy like the cake! The monkey boy cleaned his plate with his tongue! u imagine.

Decor wise...errr forget about it, too greedy on the toppings ( no scrimp!) until almost fall off and the cream really melt fast when I pipe the side. hai, watever again,


ganache-ganache said...

See how neat you arranged your oranges when u 'dried' them :P

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

GG: very thirty-eight ah U! hahahahhaha ;p~

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