Monday, August 31, 2009

Strawberry Mango Panna Cotta

so Hot in the afternoon, nice to have some cold panna cotta.

I was craving for panna cotta ! I was at Grazie Restaurant with collq the other day, so tempted with their Panna Cotta, but their Fantasia dì Maria & Tiramisu were more interesting though. E I wanted to learn their chocolate pudding! so nicee.. its like 20% pudding, 80% sauce! ( sounds really uncooked) but really yumm~~[ ha! I need to highlight here, when I introduced this to another fren, she came back and complained the choco pudding was 80% pudding, 20% sauce! aiks! inconsistency here! why?] and Tiramisu is good !

Back to my Panna Cotta.
When I finished blending the mango puree, ha! this is a mistake! among all the mangoes, only 1 was ripen! the rest was like half-ripen!! hence my mango colour not so orangy, and also, the taste a bit powdery! due to not fully ripen mangoes! After scope the mango puree into glass for freezing ... I realise I don't have gelatin ! ! argh! searching high & low, got myself almost half a pack of the gelatin left! errr...

Then come to blend my strawberry, again not much frozen berry left in fridge, so difficult to blend until really smooth with tat small amount ! errrr...

I think panna cotta goes well with citrus fruit / this strawberry ! It didnt go so well with mango.. dunno why, may be just my taste bud is different!

Recipe : Ganache's Panna Cotta with Strawberry Puree
* I replace vanilla bean with Vanilla ext.



ganache-ganache said...

Think I forgot to reply your sms, wanted to tell you this week's strawberries @ TH are rather sweet ! If you finish with one more layer of Panna Cotta, even nicer :)

Cindy Khor said...

the 3 layer panna cotta look really lovely. but i thought mango suppose to be a multipupose fruit when i comes to dessert?

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

GG: next time I make only strawberry puree with cream! my sis likes the cream o~ ha ha

Cindy: ha ha Ya loh strange o! tis time these mangoes did not go well with the cream la, dunno wat happen~ I got some Thai dessert recipe with mango! may be I try others! ke ke

Anonymous said...

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