Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Luzon Mango Cream Cake

Definitely "Rugi" (making loss) if to use Luzon mango ( check out here for more luzon mango stories) for mango cakes! the seeds are so much bigger than the meat. I m making this small 7" round cake, with 2 medium Luzon mangoes, and still not enough to cover the cake.

When mum eating this cake, she is so 'careful' with every bites she's swaping into mouth. and keep saying ooh luzon mong, must finish. ( in order words, she is more appreciating the mangoes than the cake! )

I realise there are 2 mango good for cakes. Luzon & another type, looks like Filipino mango, but is not! yellow skin, when it's really ripen, really yum yum with beautiful orangey meat !!I like tat more. somemore cheaper than Luzon. I got our Luzon from relatives.
I am still practicing my sponge cake. I want a very spongy, I am still thinking probably is the beat machine tat did the miracle! i.e... to invest a Kenwood or KitchenAid????? ARE MY BOSSES READING MY BLOG? That's my Christmas present!! ;p

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