Monday, October 27, 2008

Loofah O Loofah

suddenly, I have an urge (like ACA, show up a warrant) to stop all the supermarkets selling margarine . They all made of hydrogenated fat = trans fat. I hate when I see margarine all over markets! A lot of people always think they are not eating cow-fat, hence healthier. A lot of them are paying to kill themselves. When I see ppl taking chunks of margarine from the shelf, I feel like grab back from their hand and substitute with chunk of , at least Local made butter.

Now, I am slowly telling my family, friends around me that stop eating non-dairy cream/whipping cream...which I have been eating that for the past 27 years! Non-dairy cream is make of hydrogenated fats. After L's explanation... I seriously stop buying all cakes/swiss roll from other shops, may be only buy from her or, to the most, i buy my own cream, eat it as it is. hahaha I love cream. that's why. Now, sis birthday on 1st Nov, my baker is not around. I feel feel so reluctant to buy her cakes from other places... I offer to bake her a cake, she said NO! unless I bake her Green-Tea cheesecake ( The only cake that impressed her !, but I feel lazy! How? )

my lil sis !

Knows more about Hydrogenated fat, Take 5 minutes to read this

Again, stop taking Equal /Nutra Sweet (all sugar substitutes) .'
ok, I have 'grouch' enough here. I sound like my FIL! I hate.

Loofah, such a versatile name, the only vegetable that u can turn from food on table to personal products like Sponge bath ! Make ur own sponge bath. Probably, I make mine one and blog about that one day ( HAHA)

This is a very plain dish (Qing-Tan), not as flavorful as your stuffed tofu with minced meat.

2 small loofah
100g minced shrimp paste
100g fish paste
salt & pepper to taste

1. Slice the skin and clean the Loofah.
2. Mix both shrimp + fish paste , sprinkle with some salt & pepper.
3. Angle-cut the loofah. Make a small whole on the surface for each loofah andstuff with the meat.
4. Heat up the steamer, steam for 10- 12 minutes. ( If u see ur meat separated from Loofah, dont worry, it is a good sign telling u the meat is cooked. - that's how my mum comfort me.)
5. Pour 1 Cup of chicken stock, and 1 t of cornflour to make the sauce.

a. After cooked, the loofah will be very soft & mushy.
b. Ur plate will full of water after steamed. Discard them.
c.I didnt make the sauce. I dip mine with some oyster sauce! easy.


Fearless Kitchen said...

This looks tasty! We got some loofah seeds to grow in our garden, but never got around to planting them. Now my husband will be more motivated, since he'll know that there's more to do with them than make scrubbers!

zurin said...

wow I didnt know that this was called loofah! is it really the other loofah too? stupid question but i need to know. lol .btw looks really yummy never seen it cooked it this way b4

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Fearless Kitchen :haha, hey i love all ur pies & tarts on ur site! looks yummy !

zurin: hey! haha, my recipe book says Loofah. my colleague called them "Ridge Gourd"
anyways, let's call it Loofah! hahaha

ganache-ganache said...

hahaha loofah, is it what they called "丝瓜" in Mandarin ?
Hey, I feel so bad now.......

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

G : ya I hate everytime I pronounce tat in mandarin! Cuz I need to repeat many times baru ppl get what I ask!
no need feel bad! u shud feel proud! cuz I only buy from u leh ;p

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

me love loofah the veg. i also wanted Lorrine's green tea cake for my FIL's 80th bday this sat but she can't do it. don't like anybody else's cakes but hers so now i have to make one myself. so much pressure, i am loosing sleep over it!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Terri : haha ! never know that U're in my shoes now too. I am also quite frus here!!! dunno what to bake, and afraid the cake not nice! I tot of asking u to bake u know! :P

Fred said...

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