Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Macha Cheesecake

my mood is over the moon again! my 1st macha cheesecake is perfectly done. I need to thank someone later. ( U'll see)
I have another half creamcheese left in fridge from carrot cheesecake. Must find a recipe to fully make use of this creamcheese ( I seldom buy CC, as it is very expensive & fattening food to keep, agree?) I picked this recipe. (I dont like green tea, but I picked it still! knowing this recipe wont failed me, I know I just have confidence with it) It's proven! Good recipe. Very good Recipe, b4 the 1st photo was taken, I gulp down 1 slice ! very yummy!!
I havled the recipe into half. (All half!) 5 eggs = 2.5 eggs. I actually break 1 egg, scope half of the egg white and Half of the egg yolk.. so to get 0.5! (it works !) also, my cheeesecake was perfectly baked without single crack on top. ( that little hole is from my skewer test) How can U ask me not to love it?

caption: Top

caption: Remove cake from tin & over turn it.

caption: I got SO EXCITED, I tear whatever paper (i found baking paper on table), grab a pen, and wrote a message to this recipe's provider!!!!! ;D Thank you Terri!!

MachA Cheesecake Recipe
a.I halved the recipe & baked in a small 6" round tin . (because I only have 120g cheese in hand) & baked for 55 mins only (bain marie of cuz)
b. I used hand-held machine beater to beat my eggwhites for the above. Out of excitement.. I am thinking to invest in a stand-held mixer !


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

my heart jumped when i saw ur note, bc i was sure tt was a better macha cheesecake recipe than mine bc it looked so perfect! u did so well, much much better than me!

yummy isn't it?!

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

U're just too 'kua-jiong' la... both cakes R good! :D no one is nicer! ahhahahaha

Yes! Yummy! very Yummy! this is a 'sellable' cake! ahhahaahha ;D

TeaLady said...

Terri and Denise. Looks like a good combo to me. Have you tried egg beaters. 1/2 egg = 1/8 cup egg beaters. They work for me.

Looks good.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

denise, this isn't such an easy cake to make bc i've had 2 readers tell me their cake turned out wet, n when i got my new oven, my cake also turned out wet. did u bake at 160 C??
the smoothness of the top of the cake is amazing.

CrazieSexaCool said...


Since u dun have a chatbox.. so gonna comment here la.. How I shot my Leche Flan.. u can check out my blog now.. :p

Bout the cam.. I'm using Canon 400D with Sigma lens.. not canon lens hor.. cuz Canon lens cost a bomb.. so I used 3rd party lens which is oso not bad.. plus it has Macro capability.. so 2 in 1.. Hehehe.. U know.. If u wan a Canon DSLR, I'd suggest u take the 1000D.. new version plus.. it's cheap.. RM1,999 only.. hehehe.. And I think Gary is getting one too! :p so, yeah.. for starters, u shud get the 1000D 1st.. l8r if u wana upgrade, can buy again lar.. cuz u knw what, the DSLR market nowdays really crazy worr.. so many new models comin out if u invest for Rm3k DSLR, it wud be a waste.. And oya, buy Canon cuz the lens wud come in handy just in case u'll want to upgrade.. M not sure if u get all that.. LOL.. nywz, will skype u soonish la k!

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Tealady: U R Sweet! Tks for ur tips!! I will remember that! half egg = 1/8 egg!

Terri: everytime before i bake a cake, i must have confident on both recipe + myself! otherwise it wont success. haha, yup! i bake at 160C. heat from top & bottom.

Daph: what? 1000D = RM 1999 ? u know, 400D = RM 2250 wor! ;p hey this idiot gary ah! I dont want to have same things like HIM! hahaha ok talk to u on skype!!!! I must really TALK to u b4 I purchase.

NEE said...

This is one good looking dude! well done denise! KK's got a lot of great cooks la! so jealous. wish you all are around me.

Christy said...

Awww....neat cake!!~
Really nice-looking:)

Hungry Hamster said...

Wow, ur macha cheesecake looks perfect!! I haven't visited ur blog in a while and now it's full of so many beautiful creations! Will be dropping by very frequently from now on :)

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