Monday, January 7, 2008

*Sweet 16*

This was an overdue post ! which I should have posted on 1st January 2008 ! *Lolz*
my FIL & MIL ! celebrating his Birthday with guests & colleagues at Hyatt ! We were treated free lunch "again"!! hehehehheheh

I was "concentrating" on shooting how the chef making his waffle & also the plate of pizza next to him.... while I was doing that! suddenly Juliet pop-in & said,
MIL : Denise, U're taking the Food or the Chef ???
me: er ... BOTH
(The Chef was a bit embarrassed for a second) *Lolz*

Anyways, overall the Pizza are the BEST! *Lolz* & the Curry Lamb...


Anonymous said...

hey denise, i didn't know u r married..FIL n MIl in my language means father-in-law n mother-in-law respectively. since u r d egg expert, can u show me how to make good poached eggs?? i tried to make eggs benedict today, n d egg whites turned out stringy n all broken. total disaster. never knew its so hard to poach an egg. i don't want to break it into a cup lined with cling film n boil it like a cookbook instructed. any tips?!

Denise said...

1. They're yet to be my FIL n MIL. But I love them a lot!

2. I'm not an egg expert ;p I just love the shape of the Egg ; p

3. I tried 2 poach egg method b4. a. Add in vinegar & stir the water while u pour the whole egg in. I found this method was quite silly! In fact when I cook, the yolk & the white are totally separated!!

b. I found this method is useful! but dont think u would like that. To float a dessert bowl (with egg crack inside) on a boiling water. Hold the bowl with Kitchen Tong. Wait until the edge turn white, then slowly pour the egg into the water.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

1. ah, i see.
2. ah, i see.
3. did (a), didn't work.I read somewhere to put a large piece of cling wrap over a small cup, crack the egg in and lift the whole thing up and hold it into a pot of simmering water. crazy. poach eggs taste yuks anyway.

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