Monday, January 7, 2008

Dome, KLCC

I just love Dome a lot a lot... each time I go KL, DOME is always always my First Stop!!! never failed! *Lolz*

Caesar Salad : hey!! Really crispy & fresh! Taste really good!!

arrgghh!!! now I missed that !

Club Sandwich: Pesto Chicken, spinach leaves, a layer of beef rasher, tomato, mustard mayo, tomato chutney between thick slics of toast ( well, so so only la this)

Grilled Chicken in creamy turmeric sauce: Grilled chicken breast marinated with herbs. Served with creamy turmeric sauce, sauteed vegetables and buttered rice. ( hey, this is yummy!!!! plus they give it's Breast meat!!! my fav!!) Hahahah

* LOok at the bottom of the receipt --> Simply Addictive *
This is very true! hahahahhahaha


ekeng said...

ei...back to KK already la...KK got DOME or not ar? Wow..Caesar Salad look so tempting.

Denise said...

KK Dont Have Dome! That's why I missed it soooOOoo Much.

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