Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bacon wrapped Okra

meat 1

Here you go, I was attracted by Terri's Okra & Belly Pork Rolls . Immediately I thought of, why not try bacon wrapped Okra. The reason is, SIGH! I hardly goto market to buy fresh belly pork, i dont even have mirin at home.. the fastest way is use frozen bacon, to wrap my fresh okra! :D
It tastes really good, not dried at all. One Bite on the roll, chewy on the bacon but crunch & fresh inside. (argh, whatever description).

rice 1
I cook some garlic fried rice as well. Pretty easy, Lightly browned the garlic, dish up, use the same wok/pan, immediately put in the rice and throw in an egg and quickly stir n mix. Sprinkle some salt & Pepper. Finish up with fried garlic & cut shallot. Ready to serve.

meat 2
1 pack of okra
1 pack of frozen bacon

a) Blanch the okra until just cook. dont cut any ends. Leave it cool
b) Roll each okra generously with bacon! :)!!!! I use 2 bacons for each roll.
c) Use a pan, no need put cooking oil, just line up all the okra wrapped with bacons and cook. Constantly turn around to prevent burnt on each side. Dish up, slice half and ready to serve.


Agnes said...

Wah long time no visit your blog :D *miss miss*...

I like garlic fried rice very much and that looks YUM-O!!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

LOL! I miss you too lah! Are you working in KK Kah ? or kl ?

terri@adailyobsession said...

denise, looks really good. i like the brilliant idea of serving the rolls with fried rice.

Agnes said...

I'm in KK :D :D :D.

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