Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To Dad

Totoro! This is the only cartoon character dad used to watch with us! The only cartoon he knows I guess, besides the famous Mr. Bean nowadays!
I like family birthday cake-cutting session. The moment when some kid can't wait to open the cake box , then while lighting up the candle, someone will start shouting switch off the FAN!! can't lite candle here... then the other will rush to kitchen ready for plates, and stack up the 5 plates with spoon, ready for cake-cutting! * I missed this after soooo many years.... * We havnt had this occassion for so long, so many years already.

Can u see my dad's teeth? ; )
This is a very good chocolate ganache cake, my baker's signature cake! lols
Cake order from

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hongyi said...

sooooooo cuuuuute the totoro cake!

i want one of those! one day! must!

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