Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tell me how you tackle such situationssss

I need to get something out from my chest!

I feel really bad to put on blog, but seriously, i need consultations from everyone, gimme some advises on how to handle such situationsss . ( note: i put many sssss is because this is not the first time )

I have a grandma, a weirdo tat , make it this way, ungrateful creature at all !
I give a good example here: -
Last saturday, I organised a small dinner at Winner Hotel ( a restaurant in town tat you really need advance booking, otherwise, u do not have any seats at all, in order words, u can tell how famous it is.)
I have planned for this early dinner celebration ( due to next sat my cousin birthday, and i dont want to eat on actual day as lots of restaurant will be very pack) for Father's day. so I have booked the table and even pre-ordered the dishes. I put 5 persons for 6 dishes.

On Saturday morning, while we were having dim sum breakfast, I was suggesting to Dad, why not we invite Grandma too ? Dad happily said ok. But sis & mum not like it ( note: I get Grandma to join us, because I tot of this is a family gathering event, let her eat good food, enjoy a bit), eventhough I myself also not like Grandma, but, as a respect, I have to.

We order Yam pork (Kou-rou), fish maw soup, fried kai lan, steamed white pomfret Teochew style , fried prawns and crispy chicken. Overall the bill is at RM 130 ++ only.

This afternoon, I received a huge complaints from mum & sis tat, grandma 'bad-mouth' about us, the 4 of us, me, 2 sis, and mother, except father! ( grandma is the person tat only love her own sons, so she hardly complaint about her own sons, means my father)

1. She said we brought her to the lousiest restaurant !
2. she said we ordered the most yuckiest food at all!
3. she said we wasted money!
4. lastly, mum warn me not to invite grandma anymore! ( what a negative support here)

( I almost cried out when I hear the comment 1 & 2. because, the food are considered medium ranking food u see, as compared to we everyweekend brought her to eat at those cheap kopitiam..) She complained the soup is lousy! ( excuse me U grandma! the fish maw soup is Good!) and U make me feel embarassed when you dip my pomfret into tomato ketchup and eat!!!! are you telling the Chef in Winner hotel tat the food is tasteless?

She commented the yuckiest food, probably non of the dish she likes, because she only eat Sweet & sour food, which I hightly object to it! I feel really really hurt ! really really not nice!

THe most hurt here is, she even said to us during the dinner " The dish okay ah, not bad, somemore only 130++ )...now she said different things to other people !

Is this the beginning of the road I should learn how to go along ? Now I am thinking, what if one day my future Mother in Law is like that ?


Anonymous said...

Your future father-in-law maybe this kind!! haha...

Well.. oldman, dun put in heart! OK?

Rgds: Willy

billy@atablefortwo said...

how old is your grandma? Just so I know she is not suffering Alzheimer and forgot things and blabbing. Cuz I used to have a grandma like that.

It is a very typical chinese family situation actually. I have similar family where all relatives become enemies with each other for many years. It is very typical "kiasu" chinese culture I think.

Having said that, I don't think it matters what your grandma thinks or said. The most important you have done your job. Without your grandma, then will not have your dad, without your dad, then will not have you lor...

I always think seriously, how many years they gonna last and complain anyway? Let it be. There is no way to change the old people grudge, and their conservative thinking. You did a great job inviting the grandma along. Just think you are a lot wiser than others.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Willy : U !!! I have changed my FIL ok ;p

Billy: ARgh Thanks !! ur words help a lot a lot ! I feel better now ;)

Cindy Khor said...

this is totally like my grandma, complain about everything underneath the sun (and worse, she complains about her kids too). i know its really tough for you as you meant the best for by taking her out.

but i do read up on some article saying that old people have lost most of their taste and therefore, they will tend to eat food that are saltier. so just bear with her taste ya.

as for backstabbing, i do think that she needs attention, badly, especially from her son. maybe she thought that by be-littling you and your mum/sis could actually bring her closer to her son.

just give her some time, she's bound to leave soon (like my grandma did and i miss her terribly), so just be patient with her attitude and stay positive. think of her as an "old lady that need special treatment", that's how i deal with my grandma.

terri@adailyobsession said...

i know how upsetting tt must be but u know what. tell her next time u have another dinner out,"granny, we are going to winner hotel again/xyz. would u like to come, bc the last time u hated the food we ordered?" tt would 1)let her know u know she was mean 2) put her in a difficult position whereby she'll have to eat her words if she went again. but whatever u do, do it nicely bc she IS old. er..she doesn't deserve to be called a creature lah, denise!

p.s the taro ring in promenade is better than winner's. n they have a stuffed tofu tt is deliscious!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Cindy : yes, I am still trying to 'tolerate' with her....cuz SHe is staying with us soon when we move into new hse :(

Terri :ya! u are rite! must make her eat her own words!! and she will get speechless ! ha ha I realise some of her children are treating her in that way!

Taro ring in Promenade is better ah? means either they are not using (1) recycle oil! haha or (2), they put too much of shortening to make it stay crisp ?

u know, the thing about this Promenade Dynasty is, is all depends on WHO is the chef of the day. When the good one on shift ...errr...

altadenahiker said...

She's old and bitter and wants attention. Forget it.

Anonymous said...

kylie: BIG HUGS from me :)

irene-serenity said...

Wondering what advices you would get b'coz I've so far never lived with old ppl. Looks like I've learned a lesson here.
The advices from other bloggers are really nice and thoughtful.
Hope I won't be like ur granny when I get old...

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