Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bob the builder

BoB The Builder , Can We Fix it ? Yes We Can !~ ( I suppose that should be sing by my baker! lols)

Pretty aye ? The so great about "D" is, D can change the Bob standing position to right with his imagination ! ( Original drawing for BoB The Builder is standing on the left hand side of the truck, named Scoop)

The room was full of "oohs & aahs" when I opened the cake box ! Especially Seng seng boy! He screams !! He is so happy & excited with the cake drawings!

He said we are noisy when we sang birthday song for him ! notty!

Happy Birthday Seng Seng Boy ! He is 5 this year.

This is my dearest notty seng seng boy ! he is really "cute" with his words, sometimes.

You will be surprised why I'm the one helping him cutting cake!both parents are busy with 'snap snap snap"
I'm trying not to spoilt the precious Bob-The-Builder drawing, by cutting here and there to avoid ! ha ha
This little boy, after the first cut with the plastic knife, he actually "clean the knife with his tongue"!! he is licking clean the knife"! eyewww!!!! the crowd requested to wash the knife before the 2nd cut ! ha ha ha ! he likes the cream so much! until without our attention, he stole '3-mini-balls' ( pearl piped cream) on the cake! quickly pop into his mouth! he really really love the cream.

" 3-mini-balls" stolen by seng seng boy

My dad keep telling me this is ice-cream cake! and the whole crowd tot this is ice=cream cake! This was normal sponge cake sandwiched with mango & blueberry and dairy cream! It was the cream that tasted so much like ice-cream when it's still cold.

A rare concoction ! mango + blueberry. sounds odd, but it is really nice ! yum yum
Seng Seng mom told me this is the prettiest cake ever since his 1st birthday!

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Your Bob the Builder cake decorate is really good and nice. How did u do it. Thanks

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