Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sandakan Trip

We drove to Sandakan during the weekend for a 3Days 2Nights trip. I had some shopping spree in Sandakan ! I bought my tuna tin ayam brand ! which is really cheap! I bought 10 tins. I mean 3.90 as compared to 4.50 / 4.70 in KK, even just a few cents difference, well, at least I'm happy that my tuna are cheaper ! I bought some cheap nice imported Tops! I feel like I m staying at Brunei, but gooing down to Miri for weekend shopping.

After coming back from Sandakan, I decide to carry lots of celery and carrot stickss in my pocket anytime to remind me of 'detoxification' . A Strong word to remind myself that I had too much of prawns and pork during these short trip. my body is full of acidy now!
Here are some very distinctively good dishes I must bring to your attention, ur stomach's attention what I mean ;p

"Kam-Heong" fried prawn. Deep fried prawn with curry leave and cut cillies & Garlic. Very Good! The prawns are so fresh and big , and it is so crispy !

Dark soya Squid! Heavy Wok Breath and is tender to chew ! The sauce is the key taste here.

and the above 2 dishes u can eat at Jalan Sim Sim, The 8th Bridge. The good about this place is, U can pick your own fresh-catch seafood, and tell the chef how u want to be cooked. That's what we did.
Look at this pic. The left side where a lady with an apron, is an area of selling fresh-catch seafood ! so they are just next to each other. pick ur order, and find ur seat , ready to be served.

This is braised pork rib. In cantonese, is called " Qing-Haul" kuat. Very special name, very special meat to eat. ha ha ha
Deep Fried Prawn with Egg Yolk + Curry leave. Very Very Very nice.

These 2 dishes are from a shop named " Ga-Fan" restaurant, near IJM area.
I eat a lot, but I didnt take much photos, considering most pic are taken at nite, or during day time, relatives eating with us, u feel awkward when taking picture. Like the pork picture that I took, a guy which sitting at few tables away, immediately came and ask why taking photo? what is so special about the dish? U get what I mean???????????????????? I feel like telling him off don't be so Kampung !!!


Cindy Khor said...

exotic looking seafood, really yummy looking. haha, yeah, sometimes i get stares from the waiters when i'm snapping away.. its like i'm the only person doing it.

altadenahiker said...

You take the best trips! (I didn't know it was possible to eat too many prawns.)

Agnes said...

!!! Sandakan seafood I missed~

Yum Yum :P

val said...

Ur food pics make me want to go to Sandakan now.

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