Friday, May 1, 2009

Stone Grill @ Mosaic , Hyatt

These are overdue photos which taken a week ago, during creamy's celebration.
I am very exhausted for the pass few days, I don't feel to go into my kitchen at all ! everyday when I'm home, bathroom + bedroom are my favourite place ! ahead to have quick shower + sleep! so tired until i can sleep from 7 pm !!! until the next morning.

Here's a nice treat by creamy's ma ma & pa pa ( TQ TQ TQ) at Mosaic, we had rosemary grill chicken & stone grill salmon. Look at the Greens on the above ! Love it ! good balsamic sauce + fresh crisp green! Both Red pepper & Alfalfa are very sweet.

Sundried tomato bread I guess? I dunno, I didnt eat this, Uncle Alfred just love it soo much ! I'm sure it tastes so good until he will say , I havent had bread in ages !

We called it " Toyota" hash brown. ! Nice, crispy ! ( dont tell me Hyatt using RM 2 recycle oil here)

Rosemary grill chicken chop. The chicken!! where is the feedback form here?! I need to lodge a huge complain about the chicken! If you're hotelier from Hyatt, write me!

Ha, it's given a stone board & a cute apron !

you grill your own food, serve it with sauces . The fish taste fresh & hot ! not bad, can have second try on other meat ....

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ooh the salmon looks so yummy!

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