Friday, May 8, 2009

Random: Office Birthday Bash

Spider racks go away !
I need more day offs, I need holidays !
Here's my monthly office birthday mini celebration. We normally will chip in some money, buy a cake, some coke if we have budget, and sing a song !

Ganache Chocolate cake with anti moist cocoa powder on top ! ;D
yum yum yum
Baker :


zurin said...

What are spider racks?

the cake looks YUM! u sure theres enough to go around for all of you?

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

zurin : lolz ! my last update for my blog was on 1st May, so until 8th only another update, I was saying my blog been 'quiet' for a while, lots of spider webs already ! Perhaps need a broom to sweep away! ;P

Yes! A cake defintely not enuff to feed, so we just share share sikit lah ! ( I m good in slicing tau ;p)

terri@adailyobsession said...

ai ya denise, how come ur boss employ female staff only? no fun in d office:(

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Terri : Now u know my "tung-fuh" in the office ah !

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