Saturday, May 9, 2009

4 Seasons 1 Cake - Happy Mother's Day

miniature 4 seasons

You have your own personal hairdresser, I have my very precious personal baker !
This time, I wanted a personalized cake. I found a miniature cake ! haha, so cute when u see it's actually turned into a Real cake for my mom.

Thanks to L & D. I like how D pipe the cream! ( In fact initially I didn't know how to tell L to follow exact how the miniature being piped, so thinking a pearl piping will be fine) To my surprise! D knows their customer well ;D!

It has Banana + Mango + Strawberry + Kiwi on Top and sandwiched with Mango + Strawberry . ( my baker's concoction! ) ha ha and pure dairy cream.

One day, I will bring mom to ready some Banana at home as snack in flight , then travel to Hong Kong eat cold Mango sago dessert ! .... visit Strawberry farm in USA and lastly to enjoy Kiwi sorbet in New Zealand ! Happy Mother's Day !

Verdict : Mum tells one of my fussiest sis that, Hey I m sure you like the cake, the cream tastes like Ice-cream ! and mum actually finish up all the cream ! ( mum is the type tat normally dont take any dairy products at all!) and, what's more, mum says the cake very 'heong' and 'hou sek' ;D

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ganache-ganache said...

Wow, it sure looked like your sample, hahaha !!!!
I'm happy your mum liked it :)

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

G : ha ha ha ! ya i shared some with my seng seng mom, and they liked it too ! they were telling me this cake doesnt make them feel " geli" after eating ! u get what i mean ?

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