Monday, March 9, 2009

Pineapple Fried Rice

This is one of my 'wanted' listssssssssssssssssssssssssss .... for long. I like fried rice, dont you? once a while , we want something easy & yet 'special'.
This is another very easy & delicious fried rice to prepare.
I went to Gaya street (Famous sunday market in Town) that morning, and was eagerly hunting for pineapple! To my surprise! those stalls are not having much pineapples leh! and also, mostly are as green as The Grinch! I dont want to pick a sourish pineapple for my rice. Luckily ah yung spotted a smaller version of ripe pineapple! very 'heong' (fragnant) and its only RM 2~ I like the colour of the flesh, so orangy-yellow, so vibrant .
* Thanks Nee! "Hen Hao Chi" ha ha

I think the key ingredient here is the curry powder ( & may be the fish sauce)! It gives a 'kick' to the overall rice! so nice! so yummy! I only put 1 teaspoon, might afraid my sis unable to take too hot, but hey, next time I will increase more powder ;p

Now I m thiking, how nice if I have pot of steaming hot Tom yum Gung while I m eating my rice.
some pics from Noodle Hse at Pavillion, KL. this is a Thai restaurant. Very delicious/

big prawn
Then ended with a sweet dessert ; ) I dont like the mango glutinious rice in KK, very 'fake'. this is so flavouble, and guess what, the rice is still warm.


Bernice said...

Thanks for featuring Pinapple Fried Rice! I never thought fried rice can taste better by adding curry powder and fish sauce to it.
I must ask my Mom to try that!

Agnes @ rB said...

Nice fried rice.... :D :D

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Bernice: pls! is 'sedap'! hahaha

Agnes: now i want to start to make bread, but afraid my stomach get uncomfortable with yeast!

Anonymous said...

Kylie: Pumpkin fried rice from my fav shop in KL,HongKong Restaurant at Sungai wang...argh!!!

NEE said...

i am so honoured you try the recipe. and gosh they looked so yummy, you little smart egg!

zurin said...

hmmmm curry powder? sounds good u make me want to try this! LOLOL and post!

Gallivanter said...


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