Friday, March 6, 2009

Cookie Monster - Sis Birthday !

"Me want cookie! Me want cookie! Om Nom Nom Nom
This cake is so-real for me. The silly eyes + the broken cookies messy around his mouth! & the Blue fur!! That is Cookie Monster!

We ( Me, and sis (ah yung) minus the youngest) grew up with Sesame streets! We watched SS after school ! our faces stick in front of the TV for SS show time! ha ha ha! I wonder why nowadays we don;t have such classic cartoon anymore? instead of fighting movie all around, "sponge bob", etc etc.

my little cousin, seng seng boy, he never watched sesame streets b4, and when he saw this cake, he said " why so many fur fur one? "

U see.... cuz he dunno this is COokie Monster!

Mum lite the candle for sis

Thanks Lorrine (My prettie baker)! the strawberry shortcake very yum !

* Happy Birthday sis! *


*Kylie* said...

Kylie: Awesome cake! rmb watching sesame street since small:p Love elmo+cookie monster bwahahah!!!!

p/s: Happy bday to my lovely couzy ahyung again!!Love you lots!miss you :(

ganache-ganache said...

What ?? Seng Seng doesn't know SS, then u better buy him a dozen of SS VCDs, haha !!! Btw, I'm glad u guys liked the cake, thank you. JF loves Elmo maybe I should consider that for her 7th in Aug

Bernice said...

Wow! that must take you painstaking effort to make the hair effect.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

kylie : ha ha ! I get my baker to make cookie monster because I tot ah yung looks like cookie monster leh! Lolz!!!!!

Ganache: ya lah, my seng seng only know what is 'Bob The Builder", Trucks!, Mr. Bean! ha ha ! next time, u make full theme of sesame streets! ;D

Bernice: I didnt make that, my baker Ganache-Ganache. haha (Ms. Lorrine). I dunno if she's in painstaking) lolz!
Anyway, Thanks for dropping by Bernice! ^_*

Anonymous said...

TqtQtqTqtQtqtqTQtqtTQtqtq very much Kylie~~~ (^ w ^)(v)

-Ah Yung

Agnes @ rB said...

Aww Happy Birthday to Yung!!! :D~~ And I never know she likes cookie monster too but this cake is pretty! =)

Fearless Kitchen said...

Wow, what a great-looking cake! Cookie Monster was my favorite character when I was a kid. Unfortunately, they've "dumbed down" Sesame Street a lot since we were kids. Cookie Monster now prefers carrots :(

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