Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coffee Cheesecake

I met Ganache at Pelangi! ha ha ha small world ? If we meet T, then can go for Coffee break already . how nice.
I made a twist from Macha Cheesecake
I substitute the green powder to 2 tablespoon of coffee powder. stir in the milk, and work along with the same recipe, method. results, I wanted to name this cake as "perfect coffee cheesecake" already. I still think the coffee powder not strong enough! should have buy different type of coffee, or add more !
I used Pillsbury softasilk cake flour. quite expensive as compared to the others. RM 12.95. but, my cake really soft as silk, but again when I recall, the previous macha cheesecake with normal cakeflour also soft as silk leh..

The cake was just nice after 1 hour 10 mins 160C of bain marie (lolz). I am so worried it get wet / uncooked / whatever / crack on top. ! ha! surprisingly no crack !! I m so happy again


ganache-ganache said...

it's bain marie lah, Ah Tng ! did u bake at top rack, looked a bit burnt ? I've never use Softassilk, like u say, cakeflour also the same, right ?

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

hahaha, ops, ok TQ guru ;p
i put in medium rack, is my oven problem bah, everytime is like that, sure burnt on top if too long. ya la! i dunno what so special about softasilk now!

Agnes @ rB said...

The texture looks nice!! :D

I always go Pelangi get baking ingredients. Sometimes the lady hold some kind of workshops my Mom always go! :)

Big Boys Oven said...

very nice leh! :)

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Precious Pea said...

Looks soft and fluffy! some tips now. I always put my cake on top wonder burnt and crack. Hehe. I tot that would make the cake cooks faster.

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