Thursday, March 5, 2009

Halo Cafe, Citymall

I just had dinner at Halo cafe, with my sis & aunt. Quite a nice place for early bird! hahah, we arrived at 7pm, and we are the first customer. U dont have to pack with smokers, and best is, the band hasnt started yet! "Hurray"! So it was quite cozy around that time.

It looks like green-magarita!

The drinks are quite good in the cafe. Food wise, more suitable for teenager's [tongue]
My fried rice with salted fish was perfectly matches its name! "salted" enuff. but it's quite 'wangi' the fried rice!lolz , sis chicken chop was so-so according to her.

I will come back again for its beverage ! ; )

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