Thursday, February 12, 2009


Books. When I m blogging at nite now, I wish it is a bright sunny day with bit of breeze, and sitting in a cafe, having nice milk-coffee, while reading my delicious books. I'm over-stressed today. It wasnt a good day. Why is everything so chaos these few days? (ha! I realise, it has been 2 yrs I never used chaos to describe my job) and now it comes back.

500 cupcakes & muffin. If not because it offers 20% for TIMES members (my aunt is),I wont buy it, and I feel guilty not buying a RM30 (after %) for a nice paper-quality book. It's about 4.5cm thick (ops! karen & creamy, again) It wasn't a too great book, as when u flip everypage, it will tells u like 225 g butter + 225 g sugar + 225 g flour , which really scares u off! almost everypage are the same...with bit of alternation on the types of fruits/nuts etc, like I give you e.g.
chocolate hazelnut cupcakes
chocolate orange cupcakes
(u probably get what I meant)

200 cakes & bakes: I got this at RM 20 nett from HARRIS (a chain of popular bookstore at 1 Borneo). I like this book, it has very different variety of 2-0-0 cakes & bakes for u to read and read.

However, with 500+200 recipes (we dont count the rest on my shelves)... with 700 recipes! I havent made any of them ! because I have loads more out there to continue read & choose.

Now, I m reading this. Quite entertaining! (,")


Agnes @ rB said...

Oh you are reading Chasing Harry Winston toO! Me too!! hehehe

ganache-ganache said...

I've got the 500 cupcakes book too & few others, nxt time borrow from me lah..............

Creamster said...

You this book worm!

Emily said...

Enuf is nary a word in booklovers vocab!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Agnes : haha ! I love ghost stories too!

Ganache: aiyah, i want to "own" my own books leh ;p

monster: hhaha, where got ;p

Emily : LOlz! true! when comes to recipe books

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