Thursday, February 19, 2009

Masterpiece by Hong Yi

I demand for a Poeny flowers sumi-e (Asian wash-painting) from Hong yi , as I know, one day, she will be as famous as Vincent Van Gogh ( A famous Dutch painter) ! (That's why you see I have Dutch Baby Pancakes! ;p) , and this masterpiece will go for Auction one day! (wink)

When I met yi, I wanted to shout at her " You are so...Terri"~ hahaha, as in you are the photostat version of T! ;D Hong yi is a very nice person to chat with, a very active person, like Cameron Diaz! I must say you are even more prettier in real ! o! She's a Formula-1 driver too! ;D~

Anyways, Thank you for the paint. They are beautiful, not everyone can paint that. It will be excellent if both flowers are facing each other. but hey, if u ask me to draw, probably i draw u like this
so now u probably understand why I like this paint! +_~


hongyi said...

thank uuuu denise for ur kind words! it was great meeting up with you, im glad we got along well! hopefully i didnt scare u off with my super amazing driving skills ;)

ah! shouldve known you wanted the peonies to face each other! im thinking of taking up a sumi-e course in melb, maybe i can paint u a better one in the future ;)

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

hey, taking up sumi-e course at Melb ? taught by chinese-sifu ??? or ang moh ? hahaha, alright, All-Da-Best to u! seeing u in July ?

hongyi said...

no~have to be authentic one~so must get it from a ZHONG GUO REN, not even a malaysian/singaporean. haha!

woulve love to see again end of the yr! :)

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