Monday, February 9, 2009

Abalone Rose

Happy Chap Goh Mei !
15 Fifteen days of Chinese New year 2009 ends at today 9th Feb 09. (argh, means back to rabbit food? no more carnivorous ? )
Anyways, I love making food into roses, same to this abalone. Just slice as thin as possible (obviously my knife-skill is bad enuff) and make roses for starter! drizzle with sauce and serve it to your beloved guests ;)
Wish you all have an "Ox-picious" year & Happy forever! luv, Denise

*I used less than half abalone to make a medium rose. so If you can slice thinly, I think 1 abalone can make 4 roses! * and guess what? the best is, no cooking is required! :)


lilblackdots said...

Hi Denise, Gong Xi Fa Chai!! Got a lot of Ang Pow kah?! How abt from ur MIL, still give out 40 ringgit? btw, u look kurus sikit o..hehe..or is it photoshop? XD

hongyi said...

hello!! :)

anytime to meet next week (say, monday?), for lunch/dinner? i wanna pass u sth! :)

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Chris: hahahha, Sialan ! How come u know my secret tactic ah! LOlz! I still eat rumput for lunch tau! on Ang pao, Shhss! *secret* konon

Hongyi : hA! Good, I call u.

zurin said...

Denise ! this is beautiful ! hmm .... nw I feel like making roses....

Agnes @ rB said...

This is nice you are awesome!!! =D

chumpman said...

Pretty abalone ever ! Too pretty to be eaten perhaps.

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