Thursday, January 15, 2009

the Yogitree , The Gardens

I was staying at The Gardens Hotel & Residences on the first night of my short trip. It was highly recommended leh my frens! The lobby wasn't that impressive but, is the room and it was claimed the first non-smoking environment hotel in Malaysia ! how nice.

Ha, I was hungry on that afternoon ! I want some greens before I load myself with lots of meat and meat and meat !!

( Argh! I totally can't remember what's the drink already. but I knew the red is "Very Berry" ) drinks are good! very good

Look at my red coral ! haha

We wanted a lemon tart , and it was sold out. The guy highly recommended us his chocolate mousse cake. and guess what, Thanks god I m not staying in kl. haha, U can never get such a good cake in kk, not even , u know. hahahhaha ;p so cotton soft and the mousse are so smooth!


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Jenii said...

What a scrumptious looking salad!! And the looks so PERFECT!! GYA! So jealous...yumyumyum :D

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