Friday, January 16, 2009

Nien Gao (Sticky Cake)

Nien Gao (pronounce as Neighbour N- Calculation) haha! Chinese New Year Cake. A cake if I'm to choose between western sponge cake and this, I would prefer a sponge cake. However, we don't get to eat Nien Gao everyday, unless you make it.
Lately, I constantly remind myself not to overeat! take lots of greens + fruits , take Quality food (plant refers) and control Quantity! ( ha I m reading phytochemical book now! to brainwash myself a bit) Chinese New Year is looming in probably less than a week! (Argh!)
Nien Gao, overloaded with gula melaka (sugar!) , Flour (starch!!) , oil! ok, I just eat 2 slices to kill my graving ......... I swear I just ate 2 slices.... the other 2 goto my sis's belly! haha
Many ways of eating sticky cake, either u steam it, deep fried with egg, sandwich with taro etc etc.
I actually like my sticky cake pat with corn flour (starch again!) and pan fried it without any oil! Just flour the cake, and put on a hot pan, until the edge started to turn brown or bit of burnt .
I like the smokey flavour of my sticky rice, so yummy. When I made this during my uni time, my housemate gave me an impression of " E yucks" . Hey, That's my favourite. This is the chinese new year snacks that my mum always always make for us since we are very young. IF one day they're not around, this is the food that will make me tears off.

Slice the sticky cake thinly , pat with corn flour and ready to pan fried it without oil.


ekeng said...

i love to eat Deep Fried nien gao during CNY..i am back in KK. Will stay here during CNY.

*Kylie* said...

Fried nien gao+yam=oishi!!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

ekeng: hehe Finally after years ?

Kylie: HAHA ! later our tummy will become "O" shape

Jenii said...

Ah! I want to looks very interesting!!

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