Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Apple Cake

This is a pretty easy coffee cake for afternoon tea break! (keke) and my granny smiths were in the fridge since 8th Dec 2008 !!! I only used it on 11th Jan 2009 ! and it still crunchy!
The best part of the cake was when it was freshly baked, the upper slightly-crunch-crust! I like when the cake was still hot, and u can see the whipped cream is melting off very soon too.

When I cut a slice for sis , she said it's good, half way eating, I pipe some cream on her cake, and she said " Excellent"!
So you get the clue now. It's best to serve with cream ; )

Also my sis requested to turn this cake slightly sour than sweet . So instead of not only reducing the sugar ( I still think should reduce further, may be to 150g)... I also add-in 1 whole fresh squeeze lemon juice ! and it's nice :)

When you prepare this cake, it's good if you can ready all the ingredients at a side, including sifting the flour, then start to peel the apples quickly ( I mix in the lemon juice to prevent apples from turning brown)

Also! never a good idea to use whisk to stir in the apples ( I know it's never an idea) , but, U know after digging all the apples out from the "whisk"... instead, I used my hands to mix it! haha

Recipe : A Daily Obsession: Apple Cake


Jenii said...

WA! Your cake looks like the recipe! Very tasty :D I LOVE apples so I'll try this :D

Do you think this will be good in muffin form? Mini-cakes!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

jenii: ya! u can try muffin size, but again may be you have to reduce the baking time, since it's smaller size now

zurin said...

Beautiful cake and pictures! Good job Denise...

btw why do you peel apples in such small pieces. Maybe next time you can just slide the peeler all around the apple...faster and easier..thats what I do and then I like to look at the curly wurly skin after I have peeled the whole apple.

Oh !n I like the flower that u put next to the cake...I will do that next time too for my cake post...heh

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

zurin: yerrr so embarrased ppl commented on my peels! HAHAHAH, actually when I put that pic, I was telling myself how come I peel like a kid! hahahha, I should have go around the whole apple.
no bah, actually when I peel, i was so panic u know! must peel quick otherwise it turn brown etc!

The flower! hA! I actually put a chair next to my mum's pot! if she knew , she would yell at me!

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