Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Thank You !

*After 12 months.. the only difference is...we all gemuk already ah!!!! hahahaha

my cutest liangmama ! she is always very understanding and lovely one! she knows I like food ar! She brought me to a good dim sum lunch at Shikai Restaurant, Asia City. Many Thanks to Aunty Linda & Uncle Alfred ar!!! (",)

Look at the corner of the place! so beautiful! (aiks, how come got 1-bowl-soup head ah! haha)

*Steamed Chicken in Ginger Paste*

* 四 大 天 王 * (Stir fried 4-types of vege)

*Noodles-8811* (Stir Fried Mee Hoon)

*Dim Sum Combo*

* 风 急 云 惊 变* (Pan Fried Radish cake)

*Seafood Deep Fried Kuey Teow* This is quite special . They flour the kuey teow, and deep fried it. Then cook the sauce and stir on it. Very good recommendation from Liangmama!!

* 江 水 湖 月 藏* (Steamed BBQ Chicken Buns)

*Steamed Deep Fried Beancurd Skin with seafood*

* 好 强 汉 子 心* (Steamed Chicken Feet with Bean sauce)

We have seafood hokkien mee (pic turn out blur!) & steamed glutinous rice with chicken (forgot to take this!) as well..

Also, Thanks to my little creamy's bag! hehe! see I purposely took this picture for U & 1-bowl-soup!


Creamster said...

good! now you know what is the purpose I bought this bag especially for you!

LiangMaMa said...

You are always welcome, my dear...

terri@adailyobsession said...

food's quite good there. btw, yi met ur ben last week at a wedding dinner :D small kk.

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