Friday, December 5, 2008

my lovely boobie cAke !

I am so excited with my Boobie Cake (BC) !
I love this year. I want xxx, I want a dslr, I wish B back and last but not least, I want a boobie cake!--> This is probably my last wish for the year ! I m so pleased really! I had all what I wanted! (Ha! so simple denise? haha)
before I go into my excitement... I think, my bunch of colleagues are more happier than I! The guys probably only wanted to cut the BC, instead of the mango cake next to it. The Girls!!!! asking where are the nipples! ( hey! I purposely requested not to put nipple alright!) , some even asked " Denise is that exactly your size" ? Lolz!!!! AM I That HUGE? ;p~ and some even said Hey there must be silicone inside~! lolz!!!!! and the nottier one would say " I prefer the real one" ! hahahahha
Next Tues I will show this photos to BEN! hahahahha, he is outstation with grouchy FIL! that's why we can mess-up the office, having a small birthday lunch party with my another birthday-twin! Susie! I ordered a Mango cake for Susie. I was quite worried She won't like it, My PA quite particular with her food, make it this way, she has a high-class-tongue, hard to pleased.... but she loves the Mango Cake ! Every Every one in the room love Mango cake! Every Every one in the room are excited with my boobie cake too! They probably Love the cakes more than the food on table ah! how ironic!
I am always very happy with my dearest pretty baker, Lorrine. (check out her website) She baked me the only boobie cake in town! and the no.1 mango cake. I'm so thankful to her!

Boobie cake, with vanilla sponge cake and buttercream icing. The sponge cake is springy soft. Again, this is an Art cake, I love this cake for its design.
Mango cake. very excellent! Hey again, Susie love the decor on top! Ha! I am happy!

Lastly... I want to thank all my cutey-pretty-smart-handsome-grouchy-Colleagues+Bosses for your kind contribution! ;)


Lily Anette said...

Happy Birthday. May you always have fun with your food and create more for the coming year.

CrazieSexaCool said...

The Boobie Cake is soo u!! LOL.. Tho I wud like to see how it looks like without the bra.. Hee =p

zurin said...

Happy b'day Denise! haha...Nice boobie cake..:D ..

billy@ATFT said...

Happy Birthday Denise, hope the Boobie cake will bring you more wishes!!!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

oops! forgot to wish u a happy (belated) birthday! u look 18 :))

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