Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good Days!

"Surprise" !, after co-operate-d with Kylie, manage to crash gate, and pop up a Green Tea Cake for my Aunt's Birthday !
hehe! I had a Green Tea Cake from Lorrine!
*yer now I am thinking to get a green-tea swiss roll with azuki beans leh! LOlz!

* eee... the piggy behind!!!! *

My dad , mum & aunt.

me, mum & aunt.

Oh I had a good weekend too! Besides Pigg-ying with LiAngMama + the gang ! hahaha, I went to Blue Note to see my Idol! (lolz! If Ben read this again, he gonna start rolling on the floor !)
Yeah this is my 1st time having see him in real ! Also my 1st time seeing him performing! he is soo...good looking~(Ha he is better in Real okay! haha) Yeah I like his trance! he makes me miss aussie soo much! ;D (Stop it denise!)
I always always reject my frens from going for partying, but for Jonathan Ngu! I don't mind stay until the next morning! (Lolz) If He is playing every weekend, I probably won't miss a single show! HurrAy!!!!

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