Friday, December 5, 2008

28 in 2008

I am , er-hermm! (Clear throat) .. 28 yrs old today!
is a nice figure for everyone "8" ! another 2 more years I will be 30 lah! (no rush to depression yet)

I always had this thought when I m 18, that was, to dress up as -aunty- as possible! *Lolz~*
So that people won't recognise my age ! i.e. I want to look more mature. Argh ! I realise it din't work. Instead, nowadays, I pick a skirt, as -short- as possible, to show off my meaty-legs.

Instead of baking cake for birthday like last year, I cooked a 8-prosperous vegetarian dish! 8 ingredients on the plate!

carrot corn cuke sticks for birthday
ha! less than 2 months will be 2009 Chinese New Year ! HO HO HO !

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billy@ATFT said...

Happy Birthday! Wish you nin nin yau fan sek (eat rice), Sui Sui yau Goong Jiu (banana)! LOL

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