Thursday, December 4, 2008

Equitorial Restaurant

I had my earlier celebration with my both parents. I brought them to EQ . I haven't been to this EQ for quite long, due to overly pricey! I think, otherthan very special event, I probably won't step in again, unless I crave for crocodile meat! very delicious! the only food I taste best !, still the best.
Deep fried yam roll with dried oyster, fatt choi & salted egg yolk.
verdict: very dry & tasteless.... I actually request for chilli sauce to eat wih this!
I shoulnt listen to the Captain to order this! Probably she just wanted to sell-off her back-kitchen items.

This soup is just Okay. I think probably my mum cooks better ;)

This vege is okay.

I wanted to order 2nd plate of this Ginger Onion Crocordile meat. very "Hao-Chi"! hahahhah
very delicious!

This tiger-prawn. 3 varied size prawns cost me $60 !!!!!! my godness...
luckily my dad commented the flesh is just nicely cook. and what's more? it's big.

With the above so-so-to-not-nice food, cost me $200 for 3 pax only! Horrible!!
oh, don't ask me why I dint order the famous pork knuckle...argh! 3 pax to eat that! too much!

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ganache-ganache said...

Hey, I've never tasted crocodile meat, it looked like fish to me !!

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