Saturday, November 1, 2008

Unbaked Mango Cheesecake

Unbaked Mango Cheesecake.

Do not bake this if you have a conservative chinese tongue like my family. They wont like food like panna cotta, caramel pudding, creme brulee, brownies etc. I wanted to bake brownies for long, but I m just very afraid I get feedback from them is why a piece of harden cake? which, u get what I mean? I remember when mum & I was having a dinner at Brisbane years back. We were invited by a chinese family, whom has lived in Aus for more than 10 years. They made caramel pudding for dessert, my mum so proud asking the aunty is this sauce made of "Oyster Sauce"?!?! ( I wanted to hide myself, but luckily the aunty explain to mum it's not)

All these beautiful cakes are thrown into dustbin . I was so sad, so hurt. No one will know I let go all my tears in the shower ! No one will know! No one will know how I felt. it's ok. Today is sis birthday
Sis didnt like it, looking at her playing her spoon with the cream, u already very 'jong foh'! she said this is too soft. Yes it is soft, mousse remember? Put it this way, She only eats branded cakes, like secret recipe, starbucks, etc. I remember I order a cake from a local bakery, and packed with Secret Recipe Box . So this sis happily finished the cake and tell me it's yummy. By the time Her birthday is approaching, I told her I will order the same cake from the same local bakery, she said ha? why? why not Secret recipe? I was like, U fool ! tat cake is not from SR. It's local made. Home-Made! She just in silence.

Both Mum & Dad, Yes, I knew they dont eat cheesecake. In fact, Dad never eat cakes. so I dont expect a word from them.

Now I start missing my another sis who is studying in KL now. She's the only one who eats everything like me. She's the only one who accept "western" food.

Thanks T. This is a good Mousse cake. I'm a person who likes eating cream. So I think this is a keeper.

Only make this If u are very sure you like mousse /gelatin type of cake.


Anonymous said...

Ah Tng~~~ I'll Eat Tat Cute Mini CeeseCake For U~~~~
Just send it by PostLaju~~~ Hahaha
By the way, I just sent a MMS for MunZhi. Ask her to show u. Kekeke

Ah Yung

ICook4Fun said...

I will eat all the cheesecake for you if your family reject it :) They look so delectable and pretty.

ganache-ganache said...

hey, why did you throw into the bin ?? next time call me lah, u know I was eating cakes all the time while in Brunei ! thought you'll make the ice-cream cone one for your sis

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Ah Yung: ok, u back in Jan, I bake.

Gert: Thank U. ;)

Ganache: Saya Malas ! cuz ah, tat ice-cream cone cake is a sponge cake base, What if sink wor, plus I dont have those required colour. Too angry ma! so get rid them from my fridge.
hoho ho! Brunei's taste better???

Creamster said...

My dear ... don't feel so sad! Remember? I love cream ... I'll sapu all your creamy dessert when nobody in your family know how to appreciate your hard work! Cheer up!!!

jacq said...

OMG the cheesecake looks too pretty to eat!

zurin said...

Throw away? Yes im having thesame problem here. I am thinking of making many things but I stp myself because I know will end up throwing them away . My husband and kids are so picky and all have different tastes, just the opposite of each other. I think my blog is going to be realy boring

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

what, u threw them but not in my direction?! u know we eat everything here.
i truly don't understand why SR cakes are popular. i find them airy n cheap-tasting. i snobbishly think tt only those who don't have 'good' tastebuds like SR cakes!!

zurin said...

Terri, I COMPLETELY AGREE! the food isnt great either...I wldt drool over their cakes unless my tastebuds are on strike....I wonder what the secret recipe for their success is tho.. thats what I want to know!

NEE said...

sorry for what i am about to say (i mean it may kinda reflects in your sister)but no one i mean no one with a good taste bud will like SR recipes cakes. I totally agree with Terri. cheap tasting and airy and cheap choc with all those transfat too. A taste bud needs to be travelled and open to many things to develop.

My heart ache when i read this post of yours. cheer up little egg! you have done such a beautiful job and it should not be thrown away. next time send to orphanage or something like that. those little ones will be over the moon to get something so pretty and delicately made with love.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

cream: haha! I wanted to give u, but I don't know to drive

JacQ: I tot can impress sis to at least eat 1/4 of the mini cake, which she didnt!

zurin: haha ! seem like we R on the same wavelength.

Terri: I wanted to keep the rest at least for sis to bring for her frens, but I was really too ANGRY + FIRE ......yup, SR is Yucks!

Zurin: they dine in SR bcuz of Nice Cozy Place ( i guess? )

Nee: ya, this SR, not only cake not nice, All food + simple coffee also yucks!!!

ok... I will continue bake cakes to torture suffer my sis!not to throw HA HA HA

*Kylie* said...

make for me!!!!T___T

Precious Pea said...

Sorry for being rude but your mum question on the ingredient for making the caramel was really funny!

I know what you mean, my dad refused to try cheesecake as he said traditional butter cake is always the best.

Creamster said...

errr ... you have my phone number rite my dear? I CAN DRIVE!!!

Lily Anette said...

Very nice. I am a big mousse cake fan and this one will be my one day try!

CrazieSexaCool said...


I have this thing for cheesecake.. Well, I owez have a thing with ur cakes & desserts.. Daymn!! Ur foods r getting me fattier!.. Oh well, the bigger the better right? LOL.. Miss u heaps la! =p

Anonymous said...

You can make desserts that they may like or make what you like for people who will appreciate them. You can't change their tastes and remember you can't please everyone.

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