Friday, November 7, 2008

Real Berries Cheesecake !!

I have 5 good-buddies. They are V, C, S, K, S .

V married to KL

C going to marry in KL 2009

S going to marry in KL 2009 too.

K, K if you are reading this, pls, reconsider ur venue. Probably I wont give u any ang pao after I spent ticket to Melbourne !

S, U! Dont so 'butt-itch' change ur venue ! U R my only hope in KK!

3 good buddies had+having wedding reception at KL, and I always take tat as an excuse to go KL. and mum will start nagging at me, wah, 1 fren kahwin, and u buy ticket, isnt it too expensive?
" Ma, I only have 5 close frens" " Next year will be my last spending in KL ! except K

I always tell myself Luckily I am anti-social enough! otherwise, bleerrrh!..

Tonite my stomach has 'good fortune' ! I had this mixed berries cheesecake from L! I love! I love I love I love! Bcuz I love cheesecake of cuz, no.2 I like berries! and 1st time I eat 'cranberry' + 'Raspberry' ! Kampung me!

Blueberry, Raspberry, Cranberry( Edited! I think is red current?) & what else I missed? hhaha + Strawberry (side) as a combo to my cheesecake! OH, this is Lorrine 's best berries cheesecake! She's my baker!! Pop to her side, pick ur cakes, and place order!

1 word for this cake.
Thank U so much L (",)
Note: L, how come u know my principle is The Rounder the Better ah? hahahahha, ok, tarts for tomolo ;p~


Creamster said...

erm ... erm ... erm ... did I tell you that my wedding reception might be in Sandakan? =P

Better mahh ... at least nearer than KL... hehehe

Agnes aka Ric3y said...

WOw YOu are amazing do you know that!!!

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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