Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pumpkin Sweet Soup with Green Beans

I'm late for Halloween Dessert ! *(lol~)

The shop in Damai that sells variety of Tong sui, such as this, Pumpkin with green beans, Green Beans with snow fungus, etc etc..

I once had their pumpkin with green beans! and it was excellent ! so smooth, so nice ! Aiks, my smooth here as in smooth like a good congee. not machine-blended creamy-smooth, which I don't quite like. I want my soup where, u still can eat the pumpkin !

I got my pumpkin from Gaya Street this morning! The flesh is very orangy ! very vibrant ! When I skin it, it smells so good! and my mum starts nagging there! " Don't skin too deep" !

1 cup + 1/2 cup of no husk green bean (like the packet below)
[note: Must use no husk green bean. don't use the original green bean, u wont get the same texture, colour. I tried before, as it tastes yucks!]
10 cup water
500g ~ 700 g skinned pumpkin
Rock sugar to taste
1/2 cup sago

1. soak the green bean for 2 hours. or overnight like mine.
[Boil green beans first, as it takes longer time to cook than pumpkin)
2. Bring the water to boil, cook the green bean for 1 hour , until soften. (notes: To yield smooth soup base, make sure the green bean is fully opened and cooked before added-in the pumpkin)
3. Throw in pumpkin cubes, stir well then throw in sago at the same time too.
Always keep an eye on the soup to prevent burnt in the bottom . I steal 5 minutes having my mango pudding and when I'm back! OMG! It's slightly burnt! I hate ! )
4. Continue cook for 25~30 minutes. Put some rock sugar to taste.

Now I m ahead to Lido market, get some coconut milk, guess it should enhance the taste !

Blood is thicker than water hah! Finally you're back !


hongyi said...

lol, i just got ur comment! online at the same time! hehe...u must b at work? :P im heading to work now, so check before i head off!

hongyi said...

btw i'll try this out - i love pumpkin soup!

Anonymous said...

interesting soup! maybe want to try this.

I notice you have D60! D90 will be very nice upgrade

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

yi : haha ! u still have time to on-line B4 head to office ar !

bill : money matters!!! my little D60 starts giving me headache oredi, I need quite some time to master it. what if D90 ? *pengsan*

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