Saturday, September 6, 2008

mum's birthday

Yesterday, mum picked me up from office & go home. In the car, she was asking..

mom: Ah Tng, ur fren got bake fruit cake or not?
Ah Tng: No need to order! I bake!
mom: HA???? Can eat or not oh
Ah Tng: Worse to worse.. eat the Fruits only la if cake fails!

"Roar!!!!!! "

Today is my mom's birthday ! I knew her only favourite cake is cocktail fruit cake , with fresh cream. Everyone in the family were in Horrific when I said I will bake mum a cake! bcuz, knowing my sponge cake will usually sink sank sunk.
Relax.... my cake did rise! I'm more comfortable with folding eggwhites this time. I was a bit too greedy, I pour 3/4 into my 8" tin, it rose high and the top crack on one side, and my little boy came and said " Ah Tng, ur cake very fat!" haha
Ha! my cake is tall !! Taller than my previous experience!!

slice 3 layers! looks normal. soft
I have 3 reasons for not order a good cakes outside. instead made a really humble cake for mum.
i) we always want more cocktail fruits in our cakes. ( u will see later)
ii) we want less whipping cream. ( however! .. story later)
iii) I want to make peach rosess for mum ! mum's favourite flower!
ha see, this is what I meant more cocktail fruits than ... anything.

Problems ..
1. I bought the wrong cream from Consfood! I got myself the tiny pack (Pauls') .. and after I whip the cream and spread on cake, ROAR!!!!!! got water come out from the cream lahh and my last 2 layers were slightly soaked with some liquid. i hate! wrong cream!!
2. So I walked to Pelangi, bought the right whipping cream (after finished doing last 2 layers), and when I whip my last top layer & side, (more whiter, as compared to the 1st one- more yellowish..) I knew, I bought the wrong cream in the 1st place already.
Dunno what is wrong with me! I knew the difference between whipped, whipping and thick cream. and I actually bought 'thick cream' in the first place!!!! I am soo sad... ;( Luckily I managed to get the right one for top layer, and put on some roses.. and told myself, its ok.. eat fruits only
3. The sponge. When I cut the cake & taste, it is still airy soft. Dunno why after into fridge, a bit dense! my sis said it still taste normal. but mum said it tasted dense and not spongy, not airy worr.......

ok, I m really exhausted now, back from mall .. need a short nap


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

happy birthday to ah tng's mom! cake looks good (but yes, dense. did u separate egg whites n yolks, did u use a hand-held machine to beat the whites bc tt gives smaller air bubbles n denser cakes). but no matter what, home0made cakes taste best bc of the quality ingredients n the love put into baking them, yes?!

ganache-ganache said...

at least u make the effort to bake a cake for your dear mummy lah ! The cake does look dense, strange, how come only after you refrigerate it ??? Paul's is dairy cream whereas what you get from pelangi is non dairy whip, it's stable & stiff but all those hydrogenated oils & coloured white, I think you probably didn't whip Paul's long enough & got to chill the bowl, better still the beaters too !hey, i like your roses, tried it with mango didn't work leh, you must teach me..

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Terri: ya loh,used separate white method and used hand-held machine to beat. ;( When I was in pelangi, Kitchen-AId cost like RM 2300+ wor!!! So ex!!

Ganache: ha!! no wonder ah the non-dairy one so WHITE lah!!! now i still have 800ml in fridge! dunno what to do with it! eh The paul's tat one ah!! may be underbeat or Overbeat.
haha! Peach Rose ah, u start with Peach 1st , should be easier than Mango quah!

ganache-ganache said...

hey, that shop everything over-priced !!! her KA so old model & so expensive....

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Ganache: Yes, Thanks for 'warning' me! Hahahahaha ya lah, plus ah, the aunty very grouchy face! very "pigeon eyes" too! only talk to rich aunty face.

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