Thursday, August 7, 2008

Peach N Cream " Roses "

I can't cover my smiles today. Almost burst into Sweet tears! :D
U all must see how I drive around the office, telling everyone that the Idiot is back!! Back in surprise! Back in 2 weeks time!
Okay, since no reports to format tonight... "Arms & Legs" mix up wor.. I made roses for my cream dessert! I love cream! "Nestle Reduced Cream" is always my stock in home! instead of plain cream with cocktail fruits, why not a cute rose to accompany with ?

Easy, very easy... my 1st attempt!
To make the roses, thin slice the peaches.. for the bud, choose a small piece, roll it between ur fingers. Let it rest on flat surface (press with pressure if it stands up) and start adding slightly bigger slice around it, overlapping a little... and repeat. before u realise, you will have a prettie fruit flower !


ganache-ganache said...

hey, tats gorgeous ! I think we can work as a team, I bake u decorate..... try the double cream I told u, yummy yum but watch that fat 36%, I love it & hate it.

Creamster said...

I know you love me ... don't have to publish it on your blog to let everyone know ... =P


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

ganache: TEAM? !?!? hahaha, i think i havent finished decor, half of the decor oredi in my stomach.

creamster: u dont dream too much.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

denise, tt's brilliant n beautiful!

TeaLady said...

this Peachy rose is awesome. I wish I had the patience to even try. Beautiful!

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