Sunday, June 22, 2008

Broken Glass

This is not easy.
I spent 3 days in doing this.
I spoilt my jello. The gelatin were too jiggly! Until I actually scold my jello to STOP IT! Stop shaking. I put too much of water (I followed the package instruction, which next time I will probably reduce the water by Half plus.)
They are (except the yellow) too soft, too shaky, wobby, whatever , until I can't even cut a proper cube shape. Cube is not even in the picture.
I' just didnt want to waste my beautiful jello, I cut half to make some 'clear' broken glass (which u can see at the bottom), and the remaining I played cheat by dissolve it and add-in agar-agar powder (Bcuz it's too soft, I can't cut into cubes). ok, apparently the result is not good. Texture not beautiful as gelatin based jello, and it's hard. '"ROAR""

Only the "lemon flavour" jello turned out good (as I didnt recook that with agar-agar powder). so When I tasted my broken glass, the cream + the original jello (lemon) + the biscuit based Was really Good!! The moment u scoop into ur mouth, it really gives u a cooling-effect. ( I used Chocolate Tiger Biscuit as the base, and it's really crunchy and yummy!)

And... to make clear broken glass with jello is NEVER easy. They will all melt into 'xxx' pastel pattern. (Although I already coolen my clear jelly with ice around b4 I drop in my jello.) SIGH...

1st Nite: I made my jello
2nd Nite: I re-made my jelly-jello + pour in cream
3rd Day: Heart thumping hard with cutting the Broken Glass. cuz the Mousse wasn't that 'hard'. And I wish at least to have one tenth of Terri's Broken Glass.

ok, I will re-make the above may be ,,,, next year ;(


NEE said...

but heay it looks good.

Big Boys Oven said...

looks very awesomely beautiful!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

what jelly powder did u use tt's so soft? u must use jello next time. so tt's how broken glsaa looks like in clear jelly. very pretty n looks refreshing to eat.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

nee : u're probably hypnotise by the colors. hahaha, anyways, TQ 4 ur support ; (

BBO : ok, looks like my color jelly managed to hypnotise u all ;D TQ anyways

Terri: I did use Jello / Western Family~ those from Merdeka SUpermarket! ee!! is that always that shaky-soft? I think I must really reduce the water next.

I Cook4Fun said...

It look really nice. I am sure it taste even better :)

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