Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are you S or M ?

I know I have been posting a lot less frequently than I would like to lately. Nothing exciting unfortunately. How I wish, Day time at home, then Night time in the office. Then I will have more opportunites to blog cook & shoot pic & blog.

Just a quick one.
Are u a Sadist or Masochist?
In a workplace, it's more likely that (B)bosses = Sadist (S) , and staffs = Masochist (M). I'm not complaining my work, but u see, we enjoy suffer from B's sarcastic comments, work like cow, enduring B's lemony face... and then we get pay/paid by month end.

okay, my sis is back tomorrow, I am going to make chocolate pudding in a mug, broken glass, & many more! :D

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