Thursday, June 26, 2008

Portuguese Egg Tarts

Loiton Loition please! both my meaty hands are drying & Dried soon. Mum was away from home about 5 days. Cooking, washing, cleaning, mopping, Gardening!!!!!!!. (last nite, the 4th day mum was away, she rang up and wonder DID WE WATER her orchid & so on?) ops! and this morning she called again at 6:30am~! reminding me to water her flowers. AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and my little sis of me, giving me troubles ! early morning preparing breakfast & fill up water bottle for her already 'FINE' for me, last nite telling me, sis, can you prepare additional breakfast /bento for my friends too ? ( AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ) I am so buzy.

ok, I have finished my grouch-ing.

Now back to my Portuguese Egg tarts.

After my Broken-Glass , I started to worrying about my unfinished Whipping cream!! what can I do with the remaining 750g of WC ? and I cant keep my WC too long in the fridge.

I picked this easy-peasy Portuguese Egg Tarts from Alex Goh pastry book.

1. Press the pastry onto the tart moulds. ( I buy my ready made pastry from
2. Cook whipping cream and milk, stif in sugar and cook until the sugar dissolves. Off fire.
3. slowly pour into the beaten eggs and egg yolks. ( while pouring, keep stirring the eggs) , and make sure the eggs are in room temperature.
4. Mix until well blended. Add in vanilla essence.
5. Pour the filling into the pastry tarts, and bake at 220C for 20-25 minutes. ( strange, my tart goes brown at 10 minutes only. so I only baked at 10 min! haha, i guess the given temperature varies with different oven)

my sis's teeth-stain.


NEE said...

Good job! Now i am inspired to blogportugeuse egg tarts and of course to make some to eat. I never get around to blog this in my egg tart series..

sometimes i really wish i have more time. hai...

hongyi said...

whoah! this looks sinfully tasty, and very creamy! :D

was it really 'easy-peasy' to make? looks hard!

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Nee : Haha! I WAS influenced by ur Macau EggTart la!! serious! and I cant resist but to bake own lousy tart here la! hahaha, wei u better bake urs and let me learn too.
ayayay! I also think that How I wish I have more time & more genuie pigs around me! ;D

Hongyi: Yes, u just tutup mata, stir everything in and DONE! ;D

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

wah! what r u doing working in an office dealing with maritime projects??! go out there n start a bakery, kk sure needs a good one!

Big Boys Oven said...

your egg tart looks good, the caramelising works well too, cool!

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Terri: wrong wrong wrong. this has proven that Alex Goh's R do work.

BBO: HA! U know I was doing my laundy work while those tarts are in the oven. If I'm a second late, all my tarts will be as dark as the coal oredi. HAHAH!

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