Friday, May 30, 2008

Scones O-SCUN

I was watching this video - Jackie and her scones ' making from Casey's Cosy Corner Cafe, Lancaster. She tells like "put ur Putter in your flowER ....." I just fall in love with the British accent! may be that is why I watched Narnia 5-times. okay, movie aside. yah, her scones came out big like saucer! but is so beautiful!!

I was asking around , Hey how scones taste like?

" stick to ur teeth. a more dense texture as compared to bun"

" hard outside"

my aunt even telling me that, when she was in her cullinary school, the teacher told her to test a good scone, is to throw it at the wall! :D ! hahaha, I think that's to test the 'hard-ness' ?? hahahaha! that is so funnie!

Anyways, I did few research b4 making my scones. Most online articles say it's "Firm Crisp outside, but soft inside"

Yes, I never tasted scones before! Not any! but I seen a lot! I was just so unimpressed with the tough-hard-doughy thingy! Scones was always stones for me! how ironic.

But, may be not today. Scone is quite a lovely classic food now. Spread with Strawberry Jam & Cream. A good comfort food .

If I have time, I'll try others! today's a bit brown. haha! today a bit like biscuit + muffin = scone


I Cook4Fun said...

What a beautiful scones. Mine is so pale in comparison to yours and beautiful photography too!!

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Gert: hey! I love ur recipe!! Aww!! I think urs prettier! I think I "brown" mine too much! hahahahah, panic from 1st time of making stones. oh well, Once again, TQ

much much love,

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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